Andrew Glassner

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  • Andrew Glassner is a Writer-Director at The Microsoft Network, where he creates new interactive entertainments. He has worked on computer graphics research since 1978, at the NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, Case Western Reserve University, the IBM TJ Watson Research Lab, the Delft University of Technology, Bell Communications Research, Xerox PARC, and Microsoft Research. He is a popular writer and speaker. His book 3D Computer Graphics: A Handbook for Artists and Designers has taught a generation of artists. Glassner created and edited the “Graphics Gems” series and the book, An Introduction to Ray Tracing. His most recent text is Principles of Digital Image Synthesis, a two-volume treatise on rendering theory and practice published by Morgan-Kaufmann. He has served as Chair of the SIGGRAPH 94 Papers Committee, Founding Editor of the Journal of Graphics Tools, and Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Graphics. He directed the short film “Chicken Crossing,” which premiered at the SIGGRAPH 96 Electronic Theater. Away from work, Glassner paints, plays jazz piano, writes fiction, and hikes.