Chiara Boeri

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  • Computer Video Film, Paris


  • Chiara Boeri has worked and lived in Milan, Italy, since the early ‘90s
    She studied in Milan, Naples and Ferrara, and lived and worked in the United States, France and England. She discovered computers and their possibilities at Stanford University. Her research on images related to computers continued in France, where she began to work also as a film and video director and creates several performances and digital art exhibition.
    She has worked for Mikros Image in Paris, Visuals and Videotime in Italy and several other institutions, and exhibited her works in several countries. USA, England, France, Italy, Argentina, Japan and others.
    She has won several awards,and she is currently teaching Visual Effects at the Polytechnic of Turin – Italy. Since 2014, she has served as the Art Director of the Trivulzio Theater in Melzo and of a new technology center – Digital Lighthouse – in Potenza

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