Cleber Gazana

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  • São Paulo State University, Professor


  • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



  • Cleber Gazana lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. He is currently studying Stricto sensu in Visual Arts. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design (design), postgraduate in Lato sensu specialization in Visual and Multimedia Creation and Graphic Design Technician. He is also a multimedia artist in the segment of art and technology with works exhibited in Brazil and abroad, as well as lecturer, researcher and university professor in the course of Industrial Design in the traditional graduation. He has experience in communication, design and art and technology, with emphasis on Visual Design, working mainly in the following subjects: creation, art direction, visual communication, sound art and video art.

    He has been working for 14 years with Visual Design, focused on Graphic Design, developing graphic designs for magazines, books, annual reports, as well as various customized publications such as magazines, guides and yearbooks, accompanying and guiding all work. He has worked as Graphic Designer, Art Coordinator, Art Director and Full Creative Analyst in projects for small, medium and large clients, creating projects and creative layouts, defining color palettes, typography, graphic visual language, direction of photographic sections, creative meetings, staff meetings, coordination of deadlines and people, among others.

    Gazana has published works in national and international experimental graphic art magazines, developed scientific research on the editorial production of customized magazines in print and digital media and now researches on the aesthetics of error, failure and noise.