Daniel Malva

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  • São Paulo State University


  • São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil



  • Daniel Malva is a Brazilian visual artist and researcher, was born in Ribeirão Preto who’s lived and been working in São Paulo since 2001. His research includes studies about photography’s processes (analog and digital), emerging medium, contemporary art, and themes involving discussions on humanities and art technology. His works are the result of his interest in hybrid approaches and postdigital concepts to make images which run through of the Art and Science. The poetic connotations are present in his production for serial cataloging of objects, they are create to discussions about body, time and death.

    Graduated in photography from SENAC (2006) and Mechatronics by SENAI (2015), he currently is studying a Master’s degree from the Arts Institute of UNESP in São Paulo, and is part of the cAt and GIIP research groups, both of which are licensed by CAPES. In these researches’ groups, Malva has been developing collective works that include poetry and experimentation in art and publications of articles in the areas of art, science and technology. In recent months, he’s been working with the researchers Agda Carvalho, Clayton Policarpo, Edilson Ferri, Sergio Venancio and Miguel Alonso in an interdisciplinary project called ‘Ex-votos and the Hall of Miracles’. The artist has already exhibited in England, Norway, Portugal, Cuba, Austria, Switzerland and Brazil. He is represented by the gallery Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (London and Berlin), his work is part of the collection of the Museum of the City of São Paulo and was included in the important collective Generation 00, curated by Eder Chiodetto in 2011.