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  • fabric | ch, founded in 1997 by two architects (Patrick Keller and Christophe Guignard), a telecom engineer (Stephane Carion), and a computer engineer (Christian Babski), is now a workshop for architectural, aesthetics, and technological research as well as an art-science oriented structure of experimentations and productions.

    Our areas of interests cover the design and implementation of what we call electronic architecture and microarchitecture: the development of (wire and wireless) net projects and net communities that combine the virtual and the real, shared environments and information architecture, Internet projects, distributed architecture, and downloadable spaces. We are particularly active in the fields of digital art, the creation of electronic spaces, the architecture of the new information territories,
    and the construction of cognitive digital spaces.

    The members of our team come from various backgrounds: architects, engineers, and graphic designers from the research laboratories of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the Art School of Lausanne (ECAU. They constitute a
    network of interdisciplinary and transcultural know-how. In addition, a number of workers on individual projects take part in the thinking and work relating to the central core of the project in question.