Heather Fernon


  • Sydney, Australia


  • Heather Fernon is a photomedia artist who studied b & w fine art photography at the Australian Centre for Photography in 1989. In 1996 she completed an MA (Media Arts) at RMIT and currently works in Sydney. Her work has been shown extensively in Australia, UK and United States. It was included in SIGGRAPH Orlando 1994 and Los Angeles 1995.
    Her first series, Still Life in Landscape I (2008) – Forbidden Fruit, counterpoints the traditional elegance of still life photography (placing cloved fruit, toffee apples and cherries) with vibrant landscapes of earth, sky, and water.
    Still Life in Landscape II (2011) investigates the inherent obsolescence of modern (digital) technology within the backdrop of ancient landscapes, questioning the physical design of man made objectives, the ramifications of short term obsolescence and resultant (analogue based) metaphors.