Liliana Conlisk Gallegos

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  • California State University


  • California, United States of America


  • Liliana Conlisk Gallegos is a first generation Xicana, transfronteriza de la region entre Tijuana y San Ysidro. She is a perpetual border crosser, and a native foreigner par excellence. The transfronteriza identity is laced by a different form of trauma, one that comes from repeated acts and variant forms of dehumanization spread across generationally. This experience living on the border inspires her specialization in the artistic decolonization of current academic perceptions of knowledge. Anti-colonialista, indigenista, co-conspiradora con mis hermana/o/xs indocumentados y LGBTQ+. She is known as an “Uncivil disruptor who doesn’t know her place.” Sin miedo a decir la verdad because many sacrificed so much for that to even be possible. She also uses humor as a power source. Optimus Prime Trauma Transformer, experimenter with art, virtual reality, multimedia, performer of research, translator of and filter for supremacist formats in order to curate interactive research performances for community healing. Dr. Conlisk Gallegos founded the Coyote Pack in 2017, a collective of innovators, artists and educators at Cal State University, San Bernardino where students established a platform to voice and act towards the aftermath following the political circumstances undergone during the recent elections and post-inauguration.