Lisa Moren

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  • University of Maryland Baltimore County, Department of Visual Art, Professor


  • Baltimore , Maryland , US



  • Lisa Moren is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with emerging media, public space and works-on-paper. She created one of the first virtual reality projects “Practically Tender” in 1991 at the Banff Centre for Art. Since 2001, through her artwork, she has worked with communities to document under-represented memories from Berlin and cities in Central and Eastern Europe that were archived as interactive installations.

    She is currently the Institute of Marine Environmental Technology IMET-CIRCA artist in residence in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.Her most recent collaboration is a public art project in augmented reality that replaces a utopian-style fountain in Baltimore City’s Inner Harbor and Free Speech zone that was demolished, entitled “NONUMENT01::The McKeldin Fountain.”

    Lisa has also created pigments out of polluted waterways including her project “Chesapeake Bay Water Watercolors” in Baltimore and “eLAND” in the Australian outback, and “Marbleized Paper from the Gulf of Mexico” off the coast of Louisiana, where she collected oil during BPs Deep Water Horizon rig spill that devastated the Gulf of Mexico.

    Lisa Moren has exhibited her work widely at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City and in Brooklyn, the Cranbrook Art Museum and international venues including Ars Electronica [ Austria ] and Akademie der Kunste [ Germany ] and the Artists Research Network [ Australia ], and ISEA [ South Africa ]. She received the National Endowment for the Arts award [ 2003 ], is a Fulbright Scholar to Czech Republic; a multi-year recipient of the Maryland State Arts Council and CEC Artslink International; and most recently a Saul Zaentz Innovation Fellow in Film and Media at Johns Hopkins University. Her writing has appeared in Performance Research; Visible Language; Inter Arts Actuel; New Media Caucus for “Algorithmic Pollution: Artists working with Dataveillance and Societies of Control” and “CYBER IN|SECURITY” featuring artists Hasan Elahi, Heather Dewey Hagborg, David Rokeby, Preemptive Media and others; and her own books on Intermedia on Dick Higgins; and Issues in Contemporary Theory for “Command Z: Artists Working with Phenomena and Technology” featuring artists Paul DeMarinis, Nina Katchadourian, Ingrid Bachmann and Emile Morin & Jocelyn Robert.

    Lisa Moren is a Professor of Visual Art at the University of Maryland Baltimore County [ UMBC ] since 1998; and taught at FAMU and AVU in Prague; and the University of California San Diego. She is the Graduate Program Director of the MFA program in Intermedia + Digital Art at UMBC. Lisa lives in Baltimore with her husband and two children.