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  • The University of Texas at Dallas and Savannah College of Art and Design, Arts & Humanities, Associate Professor


  • Dallas, Texas, United States of America



  • Lucy Petrovic is a new media artist, researcher and educator. Her focus has been the exploration of immersive virtual reality environments using CAVE VR technology. Dealing with issues of control and societal concerns, her recent virtual reality works have been exhibited internationally including ACM Siggraph Art Gallery, ISEA, and at the Tucson Museum of Art.

    A recent work entitled, ‘Under control / in control’, has been supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and premiered at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. Petrovic’s new media work includes creating experimental digital video screened at various festivals including the Arizona International Film Festival where she won “Best of Arizona”.

    Throughout the years she has contributed to ISEA, Prix ARS Electronica and extensively to the ACM SIGGRAPH International Computer Graphics Conference. Petrovic’s involvement with SIGGRAPH included co-chair of the Electronic Theater and chair of the Art Show.

    Before coming to Dallas, Petrovic was the Dean of Graduate Studies at the newly formed Egg Story Digital Arts School in Singapore.


    Immersive stereoscopic multimedia environments:

    ‘Under control / In control’ deals with issues of control in technology and human culture.

    ‘Desert Views, Desert Deaths’ a memorial for those who have died while crossing the U.S. / Mexican border. Video:

    ‘Belly Big Belly’ was screened at Tucson’s First Annual Women’s Video Festival.

    ‘On the subject of sex…’ won the “Best of Arizona” in the Arizona International Film and Video Festival


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