Lynn Pocock

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  • Pratt Institute and New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)


  • Lynn Pocock is on artist and Associate Professor of Computer Graphics and Interactive Media at Pratt Institute. Her artwork hos often taken the form of experimental computer animation; her recent work takes the form of digital monotypes. Pocock’s art and research hove been published in scholarly journals such as Leonardo and the Art Journal, and her art work has been exhibit­ed internationally, including in the New York Film and Video Expo, the London International Film Festival, and SIGGRAPH’s Electronic Theater. Her professional activities have includ­ed directing an interactive educational project for the IBM Latin American Headquarters, co­producing the SIGGRAPH 93 Small Animation Theaters and serving on the Board of Directors of NYC SIGGRAPH. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and Art from Rutgers University, a Moster of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Computer Art from the University of Massachusetts. Currently, Pocock is co-authoring a book on computer animation.


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