Michael Hohl


  • Michael Hohl graduated in 2000 in visual communication/digital media design from the Universitat der Kunste Berlin. During his studies he also worked as a designer and consultant for several Berlin-based media companies, such as lmStall, Pixelpark, and Cityscape. In 2006 he completed an  interdisciplinary practicebased PhD in fine art and computer science at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. His research interests lie in telematics, data visualization, and ambient displays. He has published in journals for the arts, design, and the computer sciences. At present he is a research fellow in design at the University of Huddersfield, UK, where he teaches information systems and also advises staff on art and design research methods and methodologies. In March 2011 he organized the ADS-VIS2011: Making Visible the Invisible: Art, Design and Science in Data Visualisation conference.