Robert Butterworth

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  • Microsoft Corporation, Senior Technical Artist


  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



  • Working in the games and Mixed Reality industries for the past 18 years I have taken on many roles, in both artistic and technical areas. These roles included Environment/Prop Modeling, Video Editing and Compositing, Technical Art and Directorship. I have led teams of lighters, technical animators, shader writers, VFX and pipeline technical artists and worked closely with the art and engineering departments to construct in-house software and hardware for creative content development. With this broad and in-depth understanding of many systems, I am able to create powerful and streamlined user friendly solutions tailored to any production team’s needs.

    My goal in the work that I do is to create new and emotionally compelling experiences for the end user and enable artists to do the same through the tools and hardware that I create. I want to make the development cycle as enjoyable and stress free as possible for those involved allowing them to focus on the creative process rather than technical obstacles.


  • Transformation Mask
    Transformation Mask
    [Shawn Hunt]
    [SIGGRAPH 2018
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