Roman Verostko

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  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America


  • Roman Verostko hos pioneered the development and creative use of an artist’s personal expert system. Recipient of the Golden Plotter First Prize (1994, Gladbeck, Germany) and an Ars Electronica honorable mention (1993), his work has been exhibited in major art and technology exhibitions on five continents. A past Board Member of the Inter-Society for Electronic Art and Program Director for the Fourth International Symposium an Electronic Art, Verostko has published articles and lectured internationally on the subject of Art and Algorithm. Recent work includes a binary version of a Universal Turing Machine illuminated with algorithmically generated designs. A Professor Emeritus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he currently resides in South Minneapolis, where he maintains an experimental studio with one work station reserved for research and development.

Art Works: