Albert Barqué-Durán, Marc Marzenit: The Zero-Gravity Band

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Artist Statement:

    We are in the middle of the space technology revolution. In the next few years, we will have the opportunity of enabling our civilization live on others planets. It is time to research and experience its potential cultural implications and debate the future of humanity.

    The Zero-Gravity Band” (ZGB) is a disruptive project at the intersection of art and science to explore the concept of art outside planet Earth. Specifically, it examines how both the production and perception of art changes when we are not restricted to the physical laws and framework that planet Earth’s gravity imposes to us. To overcome to terrestrial gravity, we are intending to take part on a parabolic flight with the aim to produce the first artwork designed and motivated to be experienced and perceived in microgravity.

    The aim of the ZGB project is to explore with a rigorous scientific approach how gravity affects aesthetic preferences and design an artistic performance based on the truly innovative and novel research on how gravity itself shapes our perceptual and aesthetic experiences.

    The result of this research would be a 360º lighting and audiovisual experience that the audience can experience in an immersive installation.

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