Marc Marzenit

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  • The precociousness in the techno music has its best and most recent representation in Marc Marzenit. At the age of 11, while studying classical music at a music academy, he acquired his first synthesizer and at age 14 he was already exploring the electronic music festival Sónar, in search of electronic emotions. A year later, he created his first label, Paradigma Musik, which has several international artists. In addition to these impeccable credentials Marc’s talent has an unprecedented personal appearance that distinguishes him from many other talented artists: bringing electronic music beyond the dance floor with projects such as his “”Suite on the Clouds “”, a 3D visual show with 8 violinists, 1 harp, symphonic percussion, several synthesizers and a grand piano. These projects are based on his classical training and show an integrated vision of electronic music: combining acoustic, analog and digital instruments in the same show