Anna Z. Ursyn: City Matters

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    City Matters


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    36 in x 36 in



Artist Statement:

    In my work, I use the computer on different levels. For my two-dimensional works, I have been programming in Fortran IV then Fortran 77 using Cyber then VAX mainframes, and Interactive Graphic Library (IGL). I have been setting color combinations, transforming light intensity, applying grid patterns and moiré effects in order to gain composition. The two-dimensional programs serve as a point of departure for photolithographs after computer programs and photo-silkscreened prints on canvas and paper; they are included in both my two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Scanners, digital camera, and PPC serve for further image manipulation. All of these approaches are combined for image creation with the use of painterly markings. Printouts have been obtained in several ways: first, black-and-white plots from the Versatec plotter and color slides via the Computer Output Microfilmer (COM) recorder, then inkjet printers/plotters.

    For three-dimensional works, I have been programming in Fortran to make representations of masses in a vector mode. Then, the wireframed objects are transformed by scaling, rotating, stretching, assigning various perspectives, and changing the point of view (the center of direction of projection). I use computer programs as an inspiration for creating wooden and mixed-media sculptures. The wireframe design serves as a guide in their construction. To initialize a sculpture, I multiply then superimpose the transformed images, and I often incorporate the factor of time into the sculpture, giving the viewer the illusion of movement.

    I draw inspiration from processes and events in nature and science while working on my computer-generated images. Several of my works are inspired by geology. At the same time, this approach supports my instruction in computer art. Students create artworks inspired by science, and the themes of the computer-art assignments are enriched with their learning process, when they analyze a concept to show their understanding of it.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    University of Northern Colorado