Ana Z. Ursyn

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  • University of Northern Colorado, School of Art and Design, Professor


  • Greeley, Colorado, United States of America


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  • In my work I integrate service, research, and teaching. I serve by editing a book “Biologically-Inspired Computing for the Arts: Scientific Data through Graphics,” and chairing the D-Art Gallery for the International Conference on Information Visualization, London. I perform research work, then pass the outcomes on to my students, and thus inspire them to create computer graphic projects. I test and assess my questions and results by creating my own art on the themes I am working on. This completes the circle. I explore relations between natural, constructed, and imagined structures. My current project is about nature versus technology, city life versus rural environment, animal world versus humans. My task is to juxtapose the regularity of nature with man’s constructions, both physical and intellectual. I am working on a project about water, centered on biologically inspired computing for the arts. I explore what technological and human worlds have in common. I synthesize my previous and current experiences and art works to build my new line of research because these themes appear continuously in nature-related and art-related projects and support my background and resources while working on these projects.


    Anna Ursyn, PhD, is a professor and Computer Graphics Area Head at the University of Northern Colorado. She combines programming with software and printmaking media, to unify computer generated and painted images, and mixed-media sculptures. Ursyn had over 40 single juried and invitational art shows, participated in over 200 fine art exhibitions, including musea, such as over dozen times at the SIGGRAPH Art Galleries, and travelling shows, Louvre, Paris, NTT Museum in Tokyo (5000 texts and 2000 images representing XX Century), and Virtual Media Network, (the largest moving image outdoor display in Dallas Texas). Research and pedagogy interests include integrated instruction in art, science, and computer art graphics. She published articles and artwork in books and journals. Since 1987 she serves as a Liaison, Organizing and Program Committee member of International IEEE Conferences on Information Visualization (iV) London, UK, and Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization Conferences (CGIV). She serves as Chair of the Symposium and Digital Art Gallery D-ART iV, 1997-now. Anna has published six books and book chapters. Her work was selected to be send to the Moon by NASA as a part of the MoonArc Project by Carnegie Melon University.

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