Anna Z. Ursyn: No Man No Shadow

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    No Man No Shadow


Creation Year:



    Plotter Drawing


    37" x 61" x 2"



Artist Statement:

    No Man No Shadow is an account of conquering distance, with an experience described by T. S. Eliot in “Little Gidding:” Either you had no purpose, or the purpose is beyond the end you figured and is altered in fulfillment. At the same time, what is seen in the surroundings brings an association to mind: rhythmic patterns in nature remind us of a perfection of computer algorithms.

    In my work, I use the computer on different levels. I have been programming in FORTRAN 77 using a VAX mainframe. I have been setting color combinations, transforming light intensity, applying grid patterns and moiré effects in order to gain composition. I find computer graphics to be a very useful medium to convey order and regularity of forms in landscape. I draw inspiration from processes and events in nature and in science while working on my computer-generated images.