Daniel Maestas, Eric Geusz, Eric Harrison, Andrea Polli, Russell Bauer, Nigel Jamieson, Robbert de Goede: Wind over Water: Making Visible the Invisible

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Artist Statement:

    Concerned about the complexity of ecological problems – poorly communicated to the public by the mass media – a team of artists aim to present new public space possibilities through mass-participatory augmented reality experiences. Wind over Water provides a full and diverse media experience designed to engage the public with environmental ideas and concepts at varying layers. For SIGGRAPH Asia, Wind over Water will allow a large number of participants to simultaneously explore Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor and to interact with a 3D computational simulation and narrative in a responsive, geo-locative, markerless AR visual and sonic experience. Wind over Water connects participants’ perspectives on space, memory and imagination with a mass-participatory augmented reality fantasy. Recognizing the importance of multi-level interdisciplinary collaboration through consultation with local experts, Wind over Water development begins with geographical and historical research and soundwalks leading to the identification of sites and development of geo-locative media. Wind over Water is an initiative from a small international collective of artists and researchers from 3 continents: Australasia, Europe and North America; and 3 disciplines: architecture, sonics and mobile geo-reality. Wind over Water is designed to “explore intersections between nature, science, technology and society as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and trans-disciplinary possibilities.”



ASIA2013_Jamieson_Wind_Over_Water from ACM SIGGRAPH on Vimeo.



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