Daniel Pillis: A Brief History of Computer Graphics

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    A Brief History of Computer Graphics



Artist Statement:

    An interactive journey through the history of computer graphics adapted to contemporary technology. Users control Ed Catmull’s “A Computer Generated Hand” to explore a digital collage of early computer graphics history. An animated version can be viewed as an alternative to the interactive version. Containing clips from Japan Computer Graphics Lab (1985), Sogitec Showreel (1985), The Bicycle Company (1984), Sketchpad (1963), Martian Magnolia (1984), Put That There (1980), Blit Terminal (1982), Xerox Mockingbird (1980), Shirogumi Sample Reel (1983), Mandala (1983), Pantomation (1977-1979), MAGI Synthavision Demo Reel (1980), Image West Demo Reel (1981), Eurythmy Motion Studies (1985), Wonder Works (1984), Deja Vu (1987), Locomotion Studies – MIT – (Karl Sims) (1987), Mental Images (1987), Intelligent Light (1985), and more.