Dennis H. Miller: Introspection

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    3D-modeled image


    23" x 31"


Artist Statement:

    My work attempts to bring principles of organization and develop­ment drawn from musical composition into the visual world. I am particularly interested in creating vividly colored images that display repeated patterns of movement, similar to the rhythmic patterns often found in music. These patterns coalesce into recognizable shapes and forms within the context of a virtual world, where all cues as to size and scale are missing and must be inferred by the viewer. This approach leaves the works open to the widest possible interpre­tation, which is a main goal of my work.

Technical Information:

    Dennis H. Miller uses a variety of methods to create his 3D images. His works employ two primary tools: POVRay, a public-domain image compiler, and Cinema 4D, a commercial 3D modeling and animation program. In many of his works, Miller sets in motion processes that result in the generation of basic forms that show repetition in their structure. From these raw images, Miller carefully composes an environment and context, then explores various color, lighting, and textural options.