Dennis H. Miller

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  • Northeastern University, Music, Professor


  • Boston, Massachusetts, US



    Professor, Music Technology

    Dennis Miller received his Doctorate in Music Composition from Columbia University and is the founder of Northeastern’s Music Technology program. His mixed-media compositions, which combine his own original music and animation, have been performed on concerts and festivals throughout the world, most recently at Design Indaba Africa (Cape Town, South Africa), the New York Digital Salon Traveling Exhibit, Abstracta International Abstract Cinema Exhibition (Cairo, Egypt), Images du Nouveau Monde, CYNet Art Festival (Dresden, GR), Videoex Festival (Zurich SWZ), the Cuban International Festival of Music, the Magmart International Festival of Video Art (Naples, IT) and the Gijon International Festival of Video Art (Gijon, Spain). They are available for preview at his website Miller was an Associate Editor of Electronic Musician magazine for ten years and is the founder and artistic director of the Visual Music Marathon. He lives in the suburbs of Boston with his wife, cat and six computers (not counting the portable).

    Miller’s artworks illustrate principles of organization and development drawn from musical composition that are applied to the visual imagery. He uses modern 3D animation and painting programs in conjunction with software for direct synthesis of electronic sound to create the material for each piece.