Dennis H. Miller: Second Thoughts

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    Second Thoughts


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Artist Statement:

    “Second Thoughts” was composed in 2000 and is intended for performance on videotape. The work is in three sections, the first two of which dominate the form. The opening section explores the inside of a virtual object and depicts many of the surfaces and textures found therein. The second section moves into 3D space and presents different perspectives of the initial object, as well as adding a number of new elements that derive their form from the elements in the opening. The short, third section is a recap of the first and adds several minor variations to it. The music, also composed by this author, contributes an emotive element as well as an added layer of continuity to the piece. Like previous works by this author, all visual elements were scripted using the POV-ray scene description language; no special effects or plug-ins of any type were used. The musical material derives from both synthetic and acoustic sound sources.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Northeastern University