Dmitry Resnyansky: Land of Pink & Orange

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    Land of Pink & Orange



Artist Statement:

    Objects are not always what they appear to be. Through this piece, I wanted to express this notion of objects in disguise and provide commentary on the nature of design in today’s contemporary aesthetic. The scenario is indeed familiar to many of us: the user coming into contact with an artifact of industrial, graphic, urban or any form of digitally interactive design from today’s sphere of post-modernism, feeling a slight sense of miscommunication, and only upon some reflection discovering the true intent or function of the artifact in question. The user does not immediately realize what it is that they are observing, yet it is the realization itself which cements the double meaning of such artifacts. An inconvenience to some, and a pleasure to others, I wanted to consciously communicate such a quality through this piece. Through the process of abstract imagery and visual double meaning, an alternate reality should emerge, bringing to light the surrealism of the situation inside both the 2D image, and hopefully, in our own 3D world.