Dohee Jeon, Hannah Kim: Seoul Landscape

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Artist Statement:


    The work proceeds with the question, ‘What is nature for urban people?’ For urban people, “naturalness” is the urban landscape and looks at it through Korean traditional music.


    See the scenery of the city through Korean traditional music. ‘object’ exists with time. We sometimes bring the ‘object’ of the past to reproduce the time of the past. ‘object’ becomes the music of Korean traditional music. What we are trying to reproduce is nature. What is nature? Nature is a phenomenon itself. For people in the modern world, is nature an urban ecosystem? We find the way back to nature through the ‘object’ called ‘Korean traditional music’. It looks at nature as the whole being, not as an individual who only has the impression of passing through without a clear form.

    The work begins with the question, ‘What is nature for urban people?’. In modern society, people live without losing nature. In this society, for us, the meaning of nature exists in an ideological form, but does not exist. Although this work visually shows the urban landscape, it creates chaos in people’s perception system, making the city look like nature. This image is projected on a place with a three-dimensional surface, reveals its distortion form and once again gives confusion about form and notion.

Technical Information:

    Seoul Landscape is an interactive video that responds to sound. It has a total of three themes, and these loops are repeated to produce a screen. This responsive image medium is once again mapped with a new shape by projecting it onto a distorted object rather than a plane.