General Motors, David R. Warn: Car Rendering Software

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    Car Rendering Software




Artist Statement:

    A CAD system can create a rendering of an automobile design in a fraction of the time required to build the customary realistic full-size model used for aesthetic evaluations.

    The computer began the rendering of this car by approximating its surface with a mosaic of more than 10,000 planar polygons.

    Using the “Light and View Selection” display the designer “set up the shot” with hypothetical camera and lighting fixtures just as a photographer would.

    The result is this nearly photographic image. The apparent colors of the car and the lights could be altered by choosing different values from the “Color Mixing” display.

Technical Information:

    Digital Equipment Corp.
    VAX 11/780 Raster Technologies Model One/25
    Display Processor
    Ramtek 9300 Color Display

Process Information:

    Unlimited Detail and Variation

    Unlike conventional design media, such as paper and pencil, a computer’s representation of an object can incorporate every conceivable detail. The amount of detail that a database can contain is virtually infinite, limited only by the available data storage medium (usually magnetic tape or disk). Being able to easily manipulate the database allows designers to rotate, twist, bend, and make other modifications very quickly.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    General Motors