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Artist Statement:

    In my work, I am most interested in exploring themes of human connection. These explorations are often filtered through the culture of technology. I am increasingly influenced by the destabilizing elements of digital media. In my work, I hope to find ways to unravel the control of traditional narratives, adopt nonlinear and nonhierarchical structures, develop more responsive interaction, and include moments of chance.

    I created the Website Storybeat to house experiments in interaction, animation, and narrative. The site hopes to explore the potential of a responsive, motion-based space. I view Storybeat as a fluid site. Posted work will be continually adjusted, rearranged, expanded, and modified.

Technical Information:

    To build the site, I used a range of software applications: Macromedia Flash and Director, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro and Bare Bones Software, BBEdit. The site requires a 4.0+ Internet Explorer/Netscape browser with Director and Flash plug-ins.

Process Information:

    I try to approach each project as a new beginning, a chance to explore unfamiliar combinations of motion, interaction, and storytelling. I view my work as an ongoing process, a discourse with my cultural environment and a reflection of my current concerns and interests. As each project progresses, I expect awkward moments of disorientation and doubt combined with flashes of clarity. Through the process, I try to discover potential areas of investigation and expression. In my work, I hope to examine, entertain, re-contextualize, and parody. I also hope to connect with others through moments of shared experience and recognition.

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