James Faure Walker: The Song of the Revolving Drawing

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    The Song of the Revolving Drawing


Creation Year:



    Giclee inkjet print


    23 inches x 30 inches


Artist Statement:

    This picture happened more or less by chance. I photographed the background in a wallpaper museum in Germany. It is painted in gouache on newspaper, a virtuoso piece of 18th-century chinoiserie by a German artist. I had also been speculating about drawing and movement. Put simply, just about every kind of drawing you can think of involves either the movement of brush or pencil, the implication, or the depiction of movement. I was thinking about running past drawings, seeing them blurred. In this case I was interested in spinning drawings, making drawings that had to be seen as they rotated. Here the drawing is shown in negative. I realised, too, that the ceremony shown on the wallpaper would be the perfect setting for this little event.

Technical Information:

    The background is photographed. The central drawing is gouache, painted fast, and photographed by a turning camera.