James Faure Walker: Undecided 2: Market Research in the Narrow Way

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    Undecided 2: Market Research in the Narrow Way


Creation Year:



    Inkjet Print


    43" x 40"



Artist Statement:

    I like the idea of capturing inconsequential slices of life and weaving them into the fabric of a picture: shoppers carrying bags, the cup of coffee to avoid doing the work. As an abstract painter, I needed this extra dimension, this extra texture of the ordinary: pigeons on the pavement like touches of the brush. I have been wondering whether the confusion I feel as a painter working both physically and digitally couldn’t be a creative starting point. Sometimes there’s a point in making pieces that are about being aimless, just absorbing whatever you come across walking down the street.

    Undecided, a mix of digital snapshots and drawing, feels its way round the surface. In Market Research, I happened to record in a sequence of eight shots a young mother of two being stopped by a market researcher. I was impressed by the children’s patience. The Narrow Way is the name of the street in Hackney, London, in the picture. Now I think about it, I suppose it’s also a narrow kind of improvisation, as everything stems from those eight shots from the digital camera.