John Fillwalk: Final Wisdom I

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    Final Wisdom I


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Artist Statement:

    Final Wisdom I is an interactive installation where participants shape their experience with a work of visual and sonic poetry by means of gesture, touch, and proximity. The work is engaged through an interactive software framework that provides an interface to the physical world through objects reacting to touch, sound, and pressure, presenting viewers with a shifting environment of media as they navigate and shape their experience with a work of spatialized poetry. Final Wisdom I is the work of artists Hans Breder and John Fillwalk, with poetry by Donald Kuspit, music by Carlos Cuellar Brown, and programmer Jesse Allison.

    As an intermedia artist, John Fillwalk actively investigates emerging technologies that inform his work in a variety of media, including video installation, virtual art, and interactive forms. His perspective is rooted in the traditions of painting, cinematography, and sculpture, with a particular interest in spatialized works that can immerse and engage a viewer within an experience. Fillwalk positions his work to act as both a threshold and mediator between tangible and implied space, creating a conduit for the transformative extension of experience, and to pursue the realization of forms, sounds and images that afford interaction at its most fundamental level. In working with technology, he values the synergy of collaboration and regularly works with other artists and scientists on projects that could not be realized otherwise. Electronic media extend the range of traditional processes by establishing a palette of time, motion, interactivity, and extensions of presence. The ephemeral qualities of electronic and intermedia works, by their very nature, are inherently transformative, and the significance of the tangible becomes fleeting, shifting emphasis away from the object and toward the experience.