John Fillwalk: Intercere #11

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    Intercere #11


Creation Year:



    Digital painting; Giclee digital print; archival inks and paper


    24 inches x 30 inches



Artist Statement:

    These works are from a series of digital prints entitled “Intercere.” I have developed this series entirely in a digital environment from origin to output. They are created using painting, imaging, and proofing software and a graphics tablet. For output, I work in a calibrated Giclee printing process, utilizing archival inks and papers.

    Conceptually, I position the work to act as a threshold between physical and implied space, dealing with notions of the potential transformative nature of the image. Approachable, accommodating space becomes increasingly more interior and condensed. Providing the viewer opportunities for re-orientation in the experience of the work has other implications as they activate, discover, and uncover subtleties of the experience.

    I find that the ephemeral nature of electronic art can transcend the traditional modes and expectations of art making. The importance of the tangible object becomes more fleeting, placing emphasis on the experience.

    Digital work not only extends the range of the traditional fine arts, but also establishes a new palette of time, interaction, and virtuality. The electronic arts by their very nature are inherently dynamic and transformative, creating a context for collaboration and inter-connectivity, not just of technologies, but of traditional studio areas themselves.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Ball State University