Joohyun Pyune: Hanging Memory

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    Hanging Memory


Creation Year:



    160 in x 89 in x 60 in



Artist Statement:

    I create art as a way to contemplate life. Life contains love, separation, joy, sorrow, passion, and grief. My works embrace the human being’s multiple layers of emotions. The works are elegies that I compose on fabric, where the qualities of flexibility and transparency are resonant with the sentiment.

    Dye sublimation is a perfect solution to mirror complicated feelings on fabrics with multiple layers. Using digital technology is as natural as using conventional materials like paint or sketching ink for me.

    When combining digital outcomes with natural media, I find a certain synergy of beauty. It is also similar to the fusing process between oriental and western culture. So, in some of my works, a piece of bamboo hangs in front of a human shadow, or a tree hangs surrounded by a tunnel of transparent fabric, or behind it. This tendency to employ the natural object, as well as accidental digital inaccuracy, is, to a degree, influenced by Taoism and naturalism from my cultural background. My works are layers of emotions formed through digital transformation. I hope that viewers experience their own emotional layers among mine and their own to them.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Paramount Art