Joohyun Pyune: Labyrinth

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Creation Year:



    Dye sublimation/digital printing on fabric


    5 feet x 5 feet x 2 feet


Artist Statement:

    Making Labyrinth led me to process existentialist ideas from the West and Buddhist traditions from the East, and to begin to accept the pattern of life. By embracing both modes of thinking, I seek out the
    cycle of nature, understand universal loneliness through making art, and share my investigations with others. In this way, I take part in a process of nurturing that forms a basic component of our shared
    quest for the value of existence. Computer technologies and digital processes allow me tremendous freedom to create images of multi-layered unconsciousness.The physical quality, flexibility, and transparency of fabrics are maintained and accelerated when images are placed on them. Fabric
    flows, it moves and breathes, and, as an art medium, its very presence in space draws in and engages the viewer to partake in the translation of images.