Kenji Kojima: Composition Fukushima

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    Composition Fukushima


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    10:00 min.


Artist Statement:

    The artists’response to the ongoing nuclear calamity. The nuclear accident is still contaminating the ocean and the soil. Online photographs from the international press related to Fukushima accident and the unfolding events to contain the radiation are accompanied by a soundtrack. But this is not ordinary soundtrack. The music is actually a compilation of musical sequences produced by the images themselves. The original art work is an artist programmed software. It downloads internet images from the international press sites and converts RGB (Red, Green and Blue) value of a photograph to a music. The program reads RGB value of pixels from the top left to the bottom right of an image. One pixel makes a harmony of three note of RGB value, and the length of note is determined by brightness of the pixel. RGB value 120 or 121 is the middle C, and RGB value 122 or 123 is added a half steps of the scale that is C#. Pure black that is R=0, G=0, B=0 is no sounds. It is not an impression of an image of a musical variation, and not an arbitrary process of artist’s feeling. It composes a score from an image directly.