Kenneth A. Huff: 2000.12a and 2000.12b

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    2000.12a and 2000.12b


Creation Year:



    Laser-exposed color photographic print paper


    each panel 34 inches x 34 inches



Artist Statement:

    Inspired by the random, yet structured beauty and minute details of nature (flora, fauna, and mineral), it is common for my images to include many objects which are similar in form, yet always unique in their structural and surface details. Contrasts also are an important part of my work. For example, organic forms are often implemented using inorganic materials or the rigid structure of a grid may be contrasted with chaotic elements.

    In “2000.12a” and “2000.12b,” inversions are used to create much of the contrast. These inversions go well beyond the obvious use of color within each image and between the pair of images. The pointed objects come out of alternate sets of holes and point in opposite directions. Also, the length of the objects is inverted – where the objects are long in one image, they are short in the other.