Kenneth A. Huff: 2002.7

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    41 in x 41 in x 1 in



Artist Statement:

    The iridescence of a beetle; the twisting surfaces of a wilting leaf; the spiral forms and sutures of a fossilized mollusk shell; fissures growing in drying mud; the arches, loops, and whorls of a fingerprint – all are examples of the natural forms and patterns that inspire my images. I am intrigued with combining ideas from a number of sources and the contrast and ambiguity arising from those combinations.

    Often include many objects in my images – all similar in form, yet each unique in its details. Those details of color and texture mimic the level of physical detail fund m the natural world and create an illusion of reality even while the viewer is confronted with the practical knowledge that the objects illustrated do not exist.

    Recently met a scientist who is investigating the micro-structures formed by controlled sintering of ceramic powders. Sintering involves heating, but not melting, of materials to form a coherent mass. Electron micrographs of his research served as the initial inspiration for a series that incorporates numerous small plates, either entirely representing a surface or coating portions of a surface, while at the same time conforming to the contours of the surface.

    The major form in 2002.7 is based on an idealized mathematical knot. The gold forms were constructed using a custom tool that builds the forms, or plates, directly on a given surface. This image was completed during a working-artist residency at SIGGRAPH 2002.