Kenneth A. Huff: 2003.4a and 2003.4b

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    2003.4a and 2003.4b


Creation Year:



    Digital image on color photographic paper


    62 inches x 62 inches x 2 inches each


Artist Statement:

    The iridescence of a beetle; the twisting surfaces of a wilting leaf; the spiral forms and sutures of a fossilized mollusk shell; fissures growing in drying mud; the arches, loops and whorls of a fingerprint – all are examples of the natural forms and patterns that inspire my images. I am intrigued with combining ideas from a number of sources and the contrast and ambiguity arising from those combinations. I often include many objects in my works, all similar in form, yet each unique in its details. Those details of color and texture mimic the level of physical detail found in the natural world and create an illusion of reality even while the viewer is confronted with the practical knowledge that the objects illustrated do not exist, furthering the purposeful ambiguity of the work.

Technical Information:

    The works were created entirely in Alias Maya, augmented with custom software developed by the artist. Final renderings were completed in a single pass with no compositing. The prints were produced on a Cymbolic Sciences (now Oce) LightJet photographic plotter, which exposes color photographic print paper with a combination of red, green, and blue laser light.