Masa Inakage: Utopian Paradise

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    Utopian Paradise


Creation Year:



    84 cm x 133 cm framed



Artist Statement:

    This work depicts tranquility in the forest of a utopian paradise, where we find a very peaceful and silent moment, isolating ourselves from the overloaded information society and stressfully twisted human relationships. One can encounter the utopian paradise in various situations such as dreaming in the night or actually walking in the forest. As one detaches one’s feeling from reality, one can start to hear one’s own heartbeat and everything starts to feel very personal. The utopian paradise is the mirror of one’s soul.

    I have been pursuing the expression of abstract realism: an integration of surrealism and abstract expression. The surrealistic component in the work provides the viewer with hints and guides, while the abstract component gives the viewer a freedom for imagination. In this work, the color and composition hint at the peaceful nature, and the reflective surfaces imply the mirror of one’s internal state of mind.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Keio University