Masakazu Takano: e-scape

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    2D imaging


    26" x 26"


Artist Statement:

    In my childhood environment, where nature was limited, I spent time stirring up the water in a pond and interacting with a tree in the garden. I hoped for a dynamic reconstruction of their forms beyond future technology. I imagined the water rising and the tree spectacu­larly growing by gathering lights.

    In e-scape, I depict a moment of a phenomenon in electronic space where imaginary nature exists and transforms. My attempt is to characterize this blurry and notional world and translate it back to “common space.” I started by thinking of what I would see if I were in such a world. I found energy, force, undulation, and sparkle in my mind, which I represented as similar to phenomenona you might see in reality.

Technical Information:

    The image consists of the accumulated water splashes in a certain amount of time. I began by videotaping the water splashes in digital video and observed the interaction of the water drops back and forth at a low speed. They leap and disappear continuously within a space, so they can not be characterized. To reveal this complex motion, I reconstructed the water splashes in Photoshop by accu­mulating the pixels of water drops I took later with a digital camera.