Nataliya Nadtoka: Viva la Revolution

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    Viva la Revolution


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    9.3 x 13.8 x 3


Artist Statement:

    This digital work presents a continuum of the past, present, and future of Ukraine in photographs of three generations: an old lady, a girl, and a high school graduate. The Orange Revolution that took place from November 2004 to January 2005 has significantly changed Ukraine, but the question still remains whether future generations born after the revolution will have a better life than the previous ones. Digital media and globalization changed Ukrainian life in many ways. Borders are more open to international tourists. It’s not unusual anymore to hear someone speaking English on the streets of Kiev. People are more tolerant of other cultures as they become more aware of them. We go to Vietnamese restaurants, drink Czech beer, and eat American burgers. My niece learns the alphabet with a specially designed computer program. My nephew listens to American music. And my parents watch the same commercials as the rest of the world. We get CNN and MTV via cable television. Our streets are full of German cars, and shops sell Japanese cameras. On almost everything you buy you see the tag: Made in China. We have the same prices as Western Europe with Ukrainian salaries. At the same time, we keep our rich Ukrainian heritage, our traditional cuisine, our folk art, and our literature. Ukraine is still in a transitional period, and a change from communism to capitalism causes many problems, but our children give us hope for a better future.

Technical Information:

    This work was made with 2D digital imaging techniques such as blending, image filters, and artistic effects. The photographs were taken with a Fujifilm camera. Images were later digitally processed with GIMP.