Nathan Hemenway: Teeterings

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    40 in x 30 in



Artist Statement:

    Artists’ tools and outlets have changed drastically over the past century. Our options for delineating ideas have risen exponentially. Few techniques have escaped our repertoire of instruments. Surely, psychoanalysis, cinematography, engineering, and architecture have become acceptable modes of discourse. Presently, we witness incredible works pertaining to the fields of software engineering, bio-engineering, and the social sciences.

    My work does not engage in a dialogue with these fields directly. Knowledge and technique and their application are not the aims. Rather, the aims are discovery, invention, and, most importantly, the search for the proper questions. The work must resonate and function within the realm of these technical phenomena. This relationship is two-fold. At one time, I am aroused by the classic, the chiaroscuro of traditional painting, the immediate tendency of brush against canvas. Another moment focuses on the cerebral stimulation found in the cognitive and computer sciences, specifically algorithm design and research as applied to pattern recognition and statistical processes.

    This tendency for the artist and the technician to coincide is not new. It runs through our shared memories. It is as inherent in the invention of perspective, in the experimentation with and development of painting, as it is in the application of computers towards creative and digital endeavors. These developments do not surprise our curiosity. But they offer an opportunity to come closer to the muse we have all come to admire and pursue.

    Teeterings is a series of studies created by an algorithm whose functionality to promote an investigation of form. It is an iterative process of learning for both.