Nu’a Bön: Tokio (from The Politics of the Divine: Thangka numérique cycle)

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    Tokio (from The Politics of the Divine: Thangka numérique cycle)


Creation Year:



    Mixed media


    120 cm x 180 cm


Artist Statement:

    Mineral pigment paint, diamond dust, and bone char on pigment print on canvas. Sound art and single-channel video. Created after pilgrimage to Yasukuni Jinja, a Shinto shrine located in Chiyoda, Japan which has attracted controversy for enshrining the kami (spirits) of war criminals from WWII.

Other Information:

    The Politics of the Divine: Thangka numérique: installation examining ‘spectacle’ in religious architecture and in items of worship and instruction–from the perspective of examining its relationship to autonomic reflex–hard-wired brain responses to environmental cues such as colour, luminance, patterns, spatial volume, and sensory overloading.

    Through the device of non-symbolic 2D digital constructs derived from study of the material and geometry of thangka: South Asian/Tibetan Buddhist paintings that illuminate manifestations of the divine, the installation creates a visual and sound art environment to enhance our understanding of the significance of contemplative space and iconography across various cultures.