Nu’a Bön


  • Hau'ula, Hawaii, United States of America



  • Nu’a Bön is an American painter, media artist, actor, and curator born on terra nullius in the South Pacific, 1969. He was a former art professor in China and later research fellow for a socially progressive NGO. Bön left China in 2008 after the massive earthquake in Sichuan destroyed his studio. In his paintings, autonomic mixed-media installations and video works, Bön’s art journeys through the intangible landscapes of imagination, dreams and memories. Bön has had recent monographic and group exhibitions in Beijing (Red Gate, Songzhang), Shanghai (Eastlink), Bologna (Arte Fiera), Chiang Mai (Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography), Pärnu (International Documentary Film Festival), Memefest, Milano (MiArt), London (Brunei Gallery-School of Oriental and African Studies, Hayward Gallery), Munich and Paris.