Philip Sanders: NYC night/samurai

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    NYC night/samurai


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    Hyperaesthesia and PostHyperaesthesia: Hyper-3D Paintings in QuickTime VR



Artist Statement:

    The Hyperaesthesia and PostHyperaesthesia panoramas explore the relationship among perception, preconception, and meaning. They are constructions of interrelated virtual worlds, individual panoramas that extend painting into four dimensions. These two series present a dialogue between an individual’s internal views and physical or social realities. They juxtapose actual-seeming places and objects with conceptual, archaeological, and painterly images. Although the Hyperaesthesia panoramas seem to present a photographic realism, everything has been constructed or revised with digital techniques; the PostHyperaesthesia series explicitly works with this revisionary process. Extending this temporal process along a spatial axis gives a viewer the ability to explore and recreate the process of creation. The idea is to create a metaphor that acts as a resonant framework that mediates among the external world, the artist, and the viewer.