Philip Sanders

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  • The College of New Jersey


  • Staten Island, New York, United States of America


  • Philip Sanders is a four dimensional painter and digital installation artist, who creates virtual and physical environments that evolve through time and respond to viewers. His pieces explore relationships between the virtual and the real, content and context, traditional and experimental media, image based content, and the effects of time on meaning.
    His work has been exhibited as still pieces, video, animations, and interactive installations in venues ranging from East Village experimental spaces such as the Space 2B to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Other art spaces include SIGGRAPH, ISEA, the California Museum of Science, the Kitchen, Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, the Multimedia Gallery, Grounds for Sculpture, and many others. He has collaborated with other artists in projects and performances and served on juries for electronic arts, including Web Sites d’Or in Montreal and the 2006 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery.