Roy LaGrone: Orientation Module #1

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    Orientation Module #1


Creation Year:



    43 in x 42 in



Artist Statement:

    Utilizing the techniques and concepts of sampling (collage) as a formal foundation, I explore themes of memory and improvisation to execute large-scale paintings, multimedia installations, and two-dimensional animated film shorts. Throughout both my traditional and digital works, I engage a visual dialogue while combining discarded disciplines and traditions with current-day innovation. My work includes references to design, ritual, and vernacular aesthetics.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Savannah College of Art and Design

Other Information:

    “The art of Roy LaGrone sits at the crossroads of electric collage culture and resurrection aesthetics. His current visual production places him within a poly-visual continuum of past, present, and future imagicians of the true world order. As an initiate into the realm of cyber-shamanism and electric hermetics, LaGrone shows us through digital projection and artifactual reclamation the alchemical process of becoming through creation and reproductive re-creation. What results from this process are visual love songs for cyborgs searching for guidance through this Frankenstein aesthetic we now call global culture. Stay tuned.”

    -Kevin Sipp, Artist/Curator, Poet and Writer