Roychoudhury Promila, Sures Kumar, Thoddu Srinivasan: FRAMEWORKS

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Artist Statement:

    “Frameworks” is an interactive installation trying to enhance the experience of an architectural space. This installation is about generating warmth to medium like walls of an architectural space that would otherwise be considered a cold and insignificant space. Through this installation, we witness an opportunity to interact with the walls to add a new meaning to that space. This installation showcases how interactivity can be explored for opening up new possibilities to create more immersive experiences. The artists have tried to achieve this immersive experience by developing a game, where a virtual character plays with walls and their depth, in an actual physical space. A game is considered as one of the most engaging mediums. The artist tries to take a simple game and transform it into a more engaging and immersive experience primarily because of the scale and the seamless integration of the architectural spaces and structures into the game play. The installation will be designed in response to specific spaces or public sites selected by the artist.