Scott Hessels: Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play

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    Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play


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    The wind-powered Sustainable Cinema No. 4: Shadow Play is a kinetic public sculpture that harnesses sustainable energy to generate a moving image. By using natural power to re-create an early art form that led to the beginnings of cinema, the sculpture references the histories of both motion pictures and industrialization. It explores a possible future of environmentally responsible media; looking forward by looking back. The Sustainable Cinema is a series of artworks that considers alternative systems to create a moving image (as if cinema had continued to evolve with sustainable elements instead of being co-opted by the industrial and digital ages). Despite the spreading audiovisuality of culture, and finding oneself surrounded by screens, there is rarely an understanding of the technology behind them. The sculptures in this series attempt to offer moments where the mystery of the moving image can be grasped. They are simple illusions created with simple energy that ask viewers to reflect on the original magic of film. It is a primal media experience, which, due to the rapid development of cinema technologies, is no longer an oxymoron.