Scott Hessels

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  • City University of Hong Kong


  • School of Creative Media


  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Scott Hessels is a filmmaker, sculptor, and media artist who explores new relationships between the moving image and the environment. His artworks span several media, including film, video, the web, music, broadcast, print, kinetic sculpture, and performance. His films have been shown in numerous international film festivals, and his new media installations have been presented in exhibitions around the world, included in books on new media art and in publications such as Wired and Discover. His recent projects have mixed film with sensors, robotics, GPS systems, and alternative forms of interactivity, and have included partnerships with NASA, Federal Aviation Administration, and Nokia, among others. He is currently an associate professor at the School of Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong (China).

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  • Title: Lenticular Waterwheels: Simultaneous Kinetic and Embedded Animation
    Writing Type: Paper
    Exhibition: SIGGRAPH 2017: Unsettled Artifacts: Technological Speculations from Latin America
    Abstract Summary:

    After decades as a novelty, lenticular technology has resurfaced in compelling large-scale projects. Without any required energy, the medium offers stereography without glasses and frame animation without electronics. A kinetic artwork installed in a remote river in the French mountains broke from the technology’s previous restrictions of static and flat display, recalculated the print mathematics for a curved surface, and explored narrative structures for a moving image on a moving display. This paper documents how the sculpture used custom steel fabrication, site-specific energy, and revised lens calculation to present a previously unexplored hybrid of animation.