Taeil Lee: Numb

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Artist Statement:

    Technology is ubiquitous. Future is everywhere. I believe that all the trivial things surround us make nows’ so as to gather to form the future. As once insisted, the future is already at hand. What we can do is to discover, and to stay sensitive. Another question is how we can get well along with the technology. Technology must help us humans to explore and discover. And, it must enrich our experiences along the way.

    I am especially interested in the sensory aspect of experience. I wonder if the technology can enrich our senses where the ubiquity could be obstructive or even harmful emotionally and cognitively otherwise. And, I wonder if the technology can help us discover ourselves by realizing our own senses, so as to enhance the humanity.

    What Numb tries to experiment is how a human perceives the self by exchanging sensations with technology. The exchange of blinks works as medium of the relationship between the human and Numb, letting us to be aware of our own physical sensation. This realization may bring up some inquiries. How do we build relationships with artifacts? How do we communicate with them through senses? How does each other share senses?

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Korea University